Maths Lounge was founded in 2015 by Rozelle. She holds a degree in Mathematics and is a qualified teacher. She has a great passion to see mathematics be an enjoyable subject for all students. She brings to the table more than 10 years of teaching and tutoring experience. Her experience ranges from teaching one-on-one sessions to classroom experience in the public and private sector and working in the NGO sector.


Maths Lounge specialises in private maths tutoring. We offer high quality, private one-on-one and small group maths tutoring for grade 10 – 12 as well as 1st year university students. We believe that a passion for maths can be bred through inspiring discussions, a variety of learning methods and understanding the origin and aim of each concept.

This approach shapes thinking patterns which have benefits in several study areas. Our sessions are unique and individualised, aiming to find gaps in current learning and strengthening foundational knowledge to better excel in mathematics. As these gaps close, students understand the material better, homework confidence increases and test results improve.

Tutoring sessions can be taken face-to-face in the Cape Town area or as online sessions through an interactive platform called Zoom. The platform offers an interactive whiteboard, voice and video capabilities. All you need is an internet connection. Book a session now.


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What are the AIMS of Maths Lounge?

“To provide clear and thorough explanations and present it in a comfortable environment!”

“Build a love for mathematics!”

“Offer regular assistance to help students make significant improvements over time.”

“Equip students with a practical understanding of mathematics.”

“Increase motivation and self-confidence.”

Here is a list of TUTORING we provide

One-on-one tutoring

  • Reach specific goals
  • Get ahead of your class
  • Set a good foundation for higher level maths
  • Score well on tests
  • Be well prepared for final exams


  • Group sizes are 2-5 students per session
  • Work through past papers
  • Discuss and see different methods for answering a question
  • Working in groups improves mathematics confidence


  • Stay on track with your required syllabus
  • No need to struggle on your own
  • Confirm and check your maths methods with a tutor
  • Reach specific goals
  • Be well prepared for tests and exams

Tutoring Sessions

Tutoring sessions take place at your home, online or at an agreed upon venue.
Location: Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

E-mail: info@mathslounge.co.za